There are so may ways you can contribute to the wider vision of Camp Columba! Groups and individuals are both welcome and can function and assist in many different ways.
No matter your age, stage, skill-set, availability or personality type - YOU too can share in the heritage, see the legacy, and grow the legend of this place. We're always looking to grow our community!

Apply today in 4 easy steps below!


If you're keen to join the team, download the below application form and email it to Levi our Ministry Coordinator



Download the reffernce form below and have two people complete it for you and send it to Levi our Ministry Coordinator

Your referees can be: leaders, mentors, bosses, coaches, pastors, teachers, etc.: people of standing who know you reasonably well.


If you are 16 or older, fill in pages 2 & 3 of the police vet and email it to Levi our Ministry Coordinator


Read through our leader powerpoint and then complete our online leader training and send the completed form to  Levi our Ministry Coordinator         

Get in Touch

with our Ministry Camps Coordinator:
email or pick up the phone (03 205 3702) to chat about current needs and ways you and your community could get involved.

As a leader at Camp Columba I felt so supported by the rest of the team. I was built up in prayer and covered in love, enabling me to passionately do the same for the campers. Camp Columba is such a special place of fun and exploration, one that I am so grateful to have been a small part of.

- Hannah, Senior Leader

Coming to camp as a volunteer has been an amazing experience, I have met some great people and had the chance to work with some awesome kids. The work that goes into making camp great for the children is amazing and they have the most fabulous time. It is really cool to watch the kids grow in confidence as they try new and exciting things and make new friends. It feels really good to be able to make a difference for kids who come from all different kinds of backgrounds. I really love the camaraderie of being involved in the leadership team and all the fun that we have along the way.

- Donna, Camp Mum


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