Welcome to Camp Columba!

Easter Camp's 75th Anniversary

This year we celebrate the 75th Easter Camp (the reason Camp Columba came to be!)

  • Join us Saturday 27th at 1pm at Camp Columba for memories, photos, adventure activities, afternoon tea, and the unveiling of a memorial plaque at 3.30pm.
  • at Calvin Church at 6pm for a buffet meal, for fellowship and reminiscing.
  • Sunday 28th at 10am at Camp Columba for a thanksgiving service.

Click here for more information and to register for any (or all!) of the above!
We look forward to catching up with you then!

Or sign up for Easter Camp itself! (Note this is NOT the Wreck-it Ralph School Holiday Camp! Go to our In-house programs to find this)


Set among the rolling green hills of Southland, Camp Columba is a place to taste adventure or catch your breath. Committed to community for over 60 years and combining passion, experience and innovative thinking, this is the perfect place to bring your group! Come for a retreat and a fun time, book an event or send your young person to one of our school holiday camps!


Our mission is to demonstrate God's love to all who come to camp. We do this by providing a safe and beautiful space for you to have a crack at some exciting activities, learn new skills and grow as a person - with this in mind our programs are designed to nurture and call out the best in every individual. 


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