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We believe there's something here for everyone! Check out general areas above, and scroll down for specific roles!

We look forward to having you join the team - follow the 3 easy steps below! If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to get in touch 03 205 3702.

Come as a family!

Sign up to be an adult helper at one of our school holiday camps and bring your kids for free!
There's something really special about serving together as a family - all working & playing together as part of our Camp Columba Community.


If you're keen to join the team, fill in our volunteer application form:


Ask 2 people to fill out a Reference Form for you: (just send them the link to this page!)

Your referees can be: leaders, mentors, bosses, coaches, pastors, teachers, etc.: people of standing who know you reasonably well.


If you are over 17, fill in pages 2 & 3 of the police vet: email it to our Camps Coordinator!


Download the below PowerPoint have a read through it and then click the online leader training button to complete the leader quiz and email it to our holiday camps coordinator Levi This will give you a comprehensive introduction into Camp Columba, how we operate, the kind of culture we cultivate, and what our expectations are of our leaders.
It's free, it's fun, it's useful, you can do it in your own time - make a start today!

Camp Parents


This is a ministry position focused on discipleship. You mainly support the leaders, with hands-on help whenever and wherever needed, fulfilling a number of smaller tasks, filling gaps and helping with discipline. You liaise and tag-team with Head Boy/Girl.

Camp First Aider

On a practical level, you dispense medication and administer first aid (for this you need a current first aid certificate and a bit of organisational ability). On a ministry level, you have the opportunity to encourage and support leaders and connect with campers in a special way.


Your role is to lead and disciple the Programme Assistants. You facilitate the timely and thorough completion of their duties (food prep&service, cleaning, set-up, etc.), coming alongside them practically and spiritually, teaching leadership skills and fun teamwork. You're responsible for breakfasts and snacks and liaising with the Kitchen Manager

Camp Kitchen Hand

You enjoy food and feeding hordes of hungry campers, are efficient and keen to impact in the background. You cook the food (mainly lunches and dinners) and liaise with the PA-Leader about what needs doing. At the end of camp you oversee the clean-up, tidy the pantry and deal with left-overs. This can easily be a shared position.

Get in Touch

with our Ministry Camps Coordinator:
email or pick up the phone (03 205 3702) to chat about current needs and ways you and your community could get involved.

Clean up relief

Keen to help, but only have limited time? Come in for a couple of hours on the last day of camp to help with the final kitchen clean-up! The kitchen crew will love you forever as the final clean can seem like an insurmountable challenge after a big week - it really blesses them when you come in fresh and pitch in!


There's many ways you can input directly into campers and leaders alike.
Be camp speaker, run a workshop at a leadership camp or during a holiday programme, facilitate a prayer time or bible study, etc.. If you have skills, insight, passion to share - we want you to share it! This is a great opportunity for the experienced and inexperienced alike.


We are constantly looking for ways of improving and growing our site, our camps, and our activities. Do you have a skill set and a vision for Camp Columba? A new game/activity, an idea for a building project..? Or just keen to pitch in and make stuff happen? Talk to us!


Do you love digital media? Are you into music and sound - cables and sound desks etc? Are you a photography/film/marketing enthusiast keen to work on something with purpose? Are you a gifted administrator, love working programmes, creating databases, etc.? We need you!


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