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Signing up to help at a camp

Hey team! You'll need to register for each different camp you want to come to (whether you're coming as a leader (e.g. at a holiday camp) or as a participant (e.g. for Boost)!
You can find the registration platforms for all our events on the right. If you're signing up as a leader or PA for one of our holiday camps/programmes, use the nifty outline below!

Please note that as a leader:

  • You need to be at camp the Sunday before at 1pm - this day is for important, camp-specific training and prep. 
  • Finish time is 2.30pm on the last day for our on-site camps, around 5pm for our day programmes
  • You won't need to pay for camp (you'll be earning your keep by your hard work!)

Arrival / Departure

  • Arrival: Please be at camp at 1pm the Sunday prior to camp starting. This gives you an hour to setup before leader training starts at 2pm.
  • Departure: On the final day of camp (Thursday for Junior Camp, Friday for Senior Camp) we aim to wrap up and debrief as a team by approximately 3:00. For those who want there is often a Maccas run into Gore after this. 


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