You're amazing!


If you're keen to join the team, download the below application form and email it to Levi our Ministry Coordinator


Download the reffernce form below and have two people complete it for you and send it to Levi our Ministry Coordinator

Your referees can be: leaders, mentors, bosses, coaches, pastors, teachers, etc.: people of standing who know you reasonably well.


If you are over 17, fill in pages 2 & 3 of the police vet and email it to Levi our Ministry Coordinator


Read through our leader powerpoint and then complete our online leader training and email it to Levi our Ministry Coordinator       

Signing up to help at a camp

Hey team! You'll need to register for each different camp you want to come to (whether you're coming as a leader (e.g. at a holiday camp) or as a participant (e.g. for Boost)!
You can find the registration platforms for all our events on the right. If you're signing up as a leader or PA for one of our holiday camps/programmes, use the nifty outline below!

Please note that as a leader:

  • You need to be at camp the Sunday before at 1pm - this day is for important, camp-specific training and prep. 
  • Finish time is 2.30pm on the last day for our on-site camps, around 5pm for our day programmes
  • You won't need to pay for camp (you'll be earning your keep by your hard work!)

Arrival / Departure

  • Arrival: Please be at camp at 1pm the Sunday prior to camp starting. This gives you an hour to setup before leader training starts at 2pm.
  • Departure: On the final day of camp (Thursday for Junior Camp, Friday for Senior Camp) we aim to wrap up and debrief as a team by approximately 3:00. For those who want there is often a Maccas run into Gore after this. 


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