You will be welcomed by one of our staff who will then complete the following four briefings with you:

1. As the person in charge, you will be briefed on our ‘welcome pack’ - this contains: information about all our facilities, copies of our evacuation and emergency procedures, a chemical hazards map, accident & injury declaration forms, and a fire register – which you are to fill out on the first day and hand in to the office for exact numbers. 

2. Your kitchen staff will be briefed on Health and Safety procedures in the kitchen and trained on the appliances available to you. This will involve an information sheet of recommended practices related to food safety.

3. Your adult helpers will be briefed on the activities they will be running with the campers. The RAMS forms for each activity are available prior to camp on request.
During this time we advise you to plan for a couple of helpers to supervise the children as it can take up to 1 hour depending on how many activities you are being briefed on.

4. Your entire group (including adults and children) will be welcomed to camp and run through site boundaries, some basic camp rules, and our emergency & evacuation procedures. This information is also included in the 'welcome pack' that you will be given upon arrival. 

Activity Management Plans (AMPs)

Email us for a copy of your group's relevant AMPs (includes risk assessment and management policies)


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