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We provide a whole package of fun, food and adventure in a safe, positive environment with solid role modeling by incredible leaders. Children from all different backgrounds gather here to celebrate life and growth and learning - they make unforgettable memories and form lasting friendships. Your kids will return to you BUZZING.

who / what is how ridiculous?

How Ridiculous are a Youtube Channel consisting of 3 Australian Christian guys who get together to do some pretty Ridiculous Stuff! Whether it be setting the World Record for the highest basketball shot, throwing a bowling ball from 145m onto a trampoline or seeing how many giant balloons can stop an arrow they get up to some pretty cool stuff and we thought it would be perfect to theme a camp around some of their antics. Did we mention they Boast 20 Million Plus subscribers and even have some videos with over 1 billion views?!

Watch this space as we have something pretty special planned around our Senior Camp and quite possibly the biggest surprise ever done at Columba....

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Senior Camp 15th - 19th April 2024 Now Full!

Monday 10am - Friday 12pm at Camp Columba!

Sign in starts at 10am, Monday 2nd October.
All are invited to the closing ceremony at 10.30am on Friday 6th, with a lunch for everyone afterwards. Otherwise final pick up is at 12pm.

This camp is now Full!

Junior Camp 22nd-24th April 2024 Now Full!

Monday 10am - Wednesday 12pm at Camp Columba

Sign in starts at 10am, Monday 22nd April. All are invited to the closing ceremony at 10.30am on Wednesday 24th, with a lunch for everyone afterwards. Otherwise Final pick up is at 12pm

Cost $130

Fees include all food, activities, accomodation, adventures, supervision - everything*


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