There are so may ways you can contribute to the wider vision of Camp Columba! Groups and individuals are both welcome and can function and assist in different ways:
No matter your age, stage, skill-set, availability or personality type - YOU too can share in the heritage, see the legacy, and grow the legend of this place. We're always looking to grow our community! Check out some of the key roles individual people can fill below!

  • If you're interested in a specific role and haven't been part of the team before, please fill in our Volunteer Application Form (click button above!)
  • You will also need 2 people to fill out a reference form for you (click button above). They can be leaders, mentors, bosses, coaches, pastors, teachers, etc.: people of standing who know you reasonably well.
  • If you are 17 or older we will also require you to fill in pages 2&3 of the above Police Vetting Form. Please email it to the Ministry Camps Coordinator upon completion.

Get in Touch

...with our Ministry Camps Coordinator:
email or pick up the phone (03-205 3702) to chat about current needs and ways you and your community could get involved.


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