Vaccination Policy

Currently under the Governments Covid - 19 Protection Framework / Traffic Light System all of our Leaders, PAs and Volunteers must be fully vaccinated to attend our ministry camps. Our hope is that this will be a temporary thing and we will be reviewing this policy every 3 months.

Initial guidance from the Ministry of Social Development stated that "Vaccine passes for participants is prohibited for all OSCAR services". This has since been redefined to not include holiday programmes. As an "event" Columba will now require vaccine passes for all participants aged older than 12 years & 3 months at all OSCAR programmes.

Ministry Camp's/ Programmes in the Traffic Light System

The above table outlines how Camp Columba's ministry camps and programmes will operate in the different colours of the traffic light system whilst using My Vaccine Passes. Currently we are able to run camps in both the green and orange setting but not in the red setting. This is due to the inpractically of social distancing at our camps.

Currently Camp Columba's ministry camps cannot operate without the use of My Vaccine Passports due to the inpracticalitys of social distancing.

These settings will be reviewed every 3 months.


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