How does Christianity work with the tough stuff in life?

In life everyone faces challenges and goes through hard times and everyone is faced with tricky issues. It doesn't matter whether you are a pastor, youth leader, high school student, university student, manager, cleaner, CEO, athlete or Doctor, it happens to everyone. What does matter is how we navigate these hard times with Christ and how represent him and our faith when doing so.

We are very blessed to have Columba Legend and Chaplian Ele Ranstead coming to BOOST to share some messages with us on what we do during these hard times and where our faith fits into them and how it works. For those of you that were at sports camp this will be a great follow on from what Jacob Grieves spoke about! You won't want to miss it!

What can I expect?                         Food, Fun, Friendship, Scripture and Activities

Can I bring a friend?                       Definitely

Where will the camp be?               Camp Columba, Pukerau

What time does it start?               Friday 29th 7pm - Sunday 31st 1pm

How do I register?                          Registrations open below

What to bring:

  • Some yummy baking to share for morning & afternoon teas
  • Bedding (e.g. sleeping bag + pillow)
  • Towel & toiletries
  • Togs/wetsuit
  • Clothes you don't mind getting dirty/wet/potentially ruined
  • Warm/weather-proof clothes (it's Southland!)
  • Close-toed shoes

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